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pneuCONVEYOR  Inline Co-Mill is  the new innovation to the industry with a combination of our experience and industry demand, for multiple selection in a single source.

The food & pharmaceutical industry demand extremely high degree of hygiene and safety during the process. That only can be achieved through basic equipment With high degree of versatility, quick response and Users friendly in a compliance of cGMP standard.

As compared to the four common principles of size reduction i.e. grinding, compression, impact and shearing, which often do not product controlled size reduction, this machine utilizes the principle of Centrifugal Shearing force.  

General Description:

pneuconveyor – CM Series – a grinding and granulating machine is used in pharmaceutical, food, fine chemical processing industries. This machine reaches the world advanced level and conforms to the GMP specification. It is completely made of stainless steel material.

      1. Grinding of raw material.

      2. Granulating of wet material

      3. Granulating of dry material

      4. Unqualified tablets to be recycled can be granulated according to the requirements of granularity

Food: Grinding of dry & wet raw materials & biscuit for recycling

Others: Grinding and granulating of rough raw material

  Grinding and granulating of lump raw material


Typical features of Inline Co–Mill Machine :-

  • cGMP construction. All contact parts SS316 & non contact parts SS304.
  • Suitable for manual or inline milling through pneumatic conveying system. Machine is designed for continuous operation.
  • The Bin charging Loading system can also be incorporated in it which is a dust free closed system for charging and discharging of powders or granules.
  • Detachable sieve design. Compact size online & Dust free model.
  • All Components can easily be dismantled and cleaned for change of product.
  • Vertical milling for higher productivity with minimum Built in Variable Speed Drive.
  • Wide range of SS perforated and wire knitted screen available.

Special Features:

  1. Thoroughly solving the tough problem of material contaminated by the debris of worn sieve mesh in a pendulum-type granulating machine.
  2. The unique patented shaft sealing technology ensures no leakage of lubrication oil.
  3. No retention dead corner, no material overheating.
  4. Less dust, no vibration, low noise.
  5. High efficiency, energy saving, large production capacity
  6. Attractive appearance, easy to clean
  7. The motor is sealed. The cooled air of the motor suck and discharge through the respirator in order to prevent the environmental pollution
  8. The part which keep in touch with the material, such as hopper, pulverizing chambers, pulverizing knife, sieve mesh, discharge barrel and moving ring of the bearing set, can be dismantled, washed and disinfected.
  9. This “A” type machine apply to the work requirements as per USFDA, cGMP norms.


Working Principle:

The material to be processed enters into the feed inlet of grinding and granulating machine, droops into the conical sieve chamber. The rotary knife plays a whirling action to the material, and throws the granules to the sieve mesh surface by centrifugal force. The granulates are ground into particles by the shearing action produced by the rotary knife and the sieve mesh, and discharged through the sieve apertures, the size of ground particles can be adjusted by the sieve mesh number, the gap between rotary knife and sieve mesh, and the rotary speed.


Technical Specifications :









50-150 kg/h

150-300 kg/h

300–500 kg/h

500-750 kg/h

750-1000 kg/h


6-80 mesh

Drive seat temperature rise

< 30(ºC)

Range of speed regulation

300~3000 rpm(Frequency Control)

Motor power

1.5 kw

2.2 kw

3.7 kw

5.5 kw


Overall dimension

720 * 445 *1345

810 * 445 * 1345

920 * 445* 1430

1000 * 500 * 1530


The height from
ground to discharge mouth

650 mm

650 mm

690 mm

690 mm

700 mm



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