Equipment Options for Defeating Dusting Problem

As we all know dusting is one of the most common challenges for bulk material processors, largely due to the safety risks that stem from ineffective dust collection. Identifying the causes of dusting, implementing fixes and understanding the huge impact dusting can have on safety are critical to addressing the issue before it becomes a major problem. Fortunately, finding success in the fight against dusting is achievable with equipment solutions from pneuCONVEYOR.


The Danger is Real – Fully recognizing the dangers of dusting, various health administration organisation issues citations for accumulations of combustible dust that includes accumulations on overhead beams, joists, ducts and the tops of equipment when determining the dust coverage area.

Additionally, employees who work in environments impacted by dusting are far more likely to experience safety concerns from coated surfaces. Airborne dust increases the risks to employees for injuries or other ailments caused by slip-and-fall accidents.

Equipped to Address the Issue – The threat dusting presents should not be taken lightly. Addressing it may appear to be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone. pneuCONVEYOR offers a variety of equipment that can help mitigate the threat and its impact on an operation. Our recommendations always depend on the specific needs of a particular application, but here are three equipment options that are commonly used to minimize dusting:

  • Tubular Drag conveyor
  • Flexible Screw conveyor
  • Powder transfer system (for transfer of bulk solids to various mixers / blenders / reactors / transferring bulk solids to process machineries from store dept. etc…)
  • Jumbo Bag Unloading station
  • Jumbo Bag Loading Station
  • Bag slitting & emptying station

Note : Among above all, each feature a sealed design and are excellent choices for confining material to the process and eliminating dust. These systems are often even more effective with the introduction of dust hoods and dust collection systems at the entry and exit points along the line.

Dust control and risk mitigation go hand-in-hand for manufacturers who processes dry powders and other bulk materials. Getting a handle on this challenge by implementing some of the innovative safeguards available from pneuCONVEYOR can improve employee safety without diminishing profitability.

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