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pneuCONVEYOR systems & engineers - committed to Quality & Performance <--------> pneuCONVEYOR - Manufacturer & Exporters of Vacuum Powder Transfer System / Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor / Screw Conveyor / Pneumatic Dense Phase & Dilute Phase Powder Transfer System / Sifters / Blenders / Mixers / Bag Slitting Machine / Drum Weighing & Filling Station / Batch Weighing systems / Jumbo Bag Loading & Unloading Station & other related machinery



The principle of vacuum transfer has been proven to be a “better way” to move many types of material and a giant step over manual handling. The technology exists for moving virtually any material that can be pulled through a hose or tube.

A unique adaptation of vacuum transfer is “direct charge blender loading, ” when a vacuum tight process vessel becomes the primary vacuum receiver for material being charged into it.  The system is designed in such a way to dismantled & assembled in minimum time. Further the filter cleaning system is auto. Operated with the help of cyclic timer & remote on/off switch.  All the contact surface material designed & used will be SS316L & non contact surface area in SS304 in accordance with FDA requirements.

Pneumatic conveying system in the lean phase vacuum conveying mode which achieves material transfer by introducing the material in to moving stream of air at desired rate. Conveying is achieved automatically and continuous till the material reaches its final destination. Being operated on a vacuum principle the system is intrinsically dust free as any leaks in the system will cause air to be drawn inwards, whilst the material will be protected within the equipment. The airflow is promoted by creating negative though out the system using root type vacuum blower. pneuCONVEYOR has pioneered this technique and now offers new, exclusive packaged conveying systems designed specifically for the direct charge loading of blenders, mixers, reactors or any vessel capable of withstanding a vacuum.

With existing blender or mixer as the primary receiver, pneuCONVEYOR – provides the rest of the system i.e.  power source, filters, controls, adapters and most important technical knowledge.


  • All contact parts – SS316 ; Rest – SS304
  • Transfer is completely automatic, eliminating the manual handling of the material.
  • Systems are packaged with timing controls and automatic pulse filter cleaning. Controls and vacuum pump can be remotely located.
  • Avoids contamination & product waste. Material is drawn from floor level through clean hose or tubing.
  • Transfers all the material into the process without spills, waste.
  • Capacity                                   100-2500 Kg./Hr.
  • Vacuum Source                        Vacuum Blower or direct Air-powered venturi.
  • Filter media                             Filter Cloth – nonwoven type
  • Receiver Capacity                    50 Ltrs. / 100 Ltrs. / 150 Ltrs.
  • Inlet Size                                 2″dia. / 2.5”dia. / 3″dia. / 4″dia.
  • Material of construction          316 stainless steel (Optional 316L)
  • Filter Cleaning                         Automatic reverse pulse-jet
  • Electrical Voltage                    220 Volts, 50/60 Hz., 3-phase
  • System Control                      Automatic Panel ( with/without PLC) with  enclosure

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