Tablet Press Loading System (Single / Dual)

Single / Dual Tablet Press Loading System : (with Trolley based complete Vacuum system & Control accessories)

Multiple Tablet Press Loading System –  (with centralized vacuum System & Control accessories.)

Description : Vacuum tablet press loading systems are furnished as complete, ready-to-operate systems for mounting on customers’ presses. Available for single / dual hopper & multi hopper tablet presses

Pneumatic conveying system consisting of Pneumatic conveying device with product separator, filtration chamber with Cartridge filter having filter blowback system with the help of compressed air. The system is designed in such a way to dismantled & assembled in minimum time. Further the filter cleaning system is auto. Operated with the help of cyclic timer & remote on/off switch. All the contact surface material designed & used will be SS316L & non contact surface area in SS304 in accordance with FDA requirements.

The system automatically conveys tablet granulations from drums to surge bins over 6 to 8 tablet presses in individual rooms. The Programmable control panel and vacuum pump are located in an adjacent room. The Automatic control panel, with or without PLC based microprocessor, is the nerve center for the system and has reserve capacity to handle a total of 6 to 8 presses. Vacuum is applied to the material receivers over all 6 to 8 presses by one vacuum pump.

The loader eliminates manual scooping of product and messy dumping or mishandling. Draw material directly from drums, boxes, storage containers, process vessels.

Salient Features:

  • Compact design receiver package with rates of 100-250 Kg. per hour.
  • USFDA accepted, Sanitary construction. Available in SS316 (Optional – SS316L).
  • Easy to clean. Four quick-acting heavy duty clamps facilitate disassembly for cleaning and service. No tools required.
  • Automatic pulse jet filter cleaning system ensures accurate operating performance.
    Level sensor automatically stop the conveying cycle once material level reaches high level in tablet press hopper & again starts conveying cycle when material level reaches low level.
  • Powered by high efficiency positive displacement electric motor or air-operated venturi power unit.
  • Very minimum maintenance – few moving parts.
  • Full slide opening discharge valve assures complete discharge of material.
  • Vibrator is provided on outlet to ease in discharging.
  • Dust-tight connection of receiver to press hopper provides maximum cleanliness and product integrity.
  • Complete package includes: receiver, power unit, vacuum, hose, conveying wand, and control panel.


Technical Specification (Tablet Press Loader)     

Product Output

200 to 1500 Kg/Hour transfer rate (depends on mesh & product characteristics)

Vacuum Source

Specially Designed Blower

Filter Cleaning

Air Blasted pulse jet system


Full Opening

Level Sensing

Through level sensor

Material of Construction

Contact Parts SS 316

Material of Construction

Non Contact Parts SS 304

Systems Control

Sequential timer or PLC based

Pneumatic Conveying System’s Features:

 ¨ Meets cGMP standard.

¨ Dust free transfer in enclosed environment.

¨ Faster conveying of larger volume.

¨ Maintains unique production environment.

¨ Vacuum transfer is at low cost process to handle the material.

¨ Reduce the man power and increased the productivity.

¨ Less space required.

¨ Easy to Installed, operate and clean.

¨ No moving components so less maintenance

Optional Accessories:

¨ Documentation.

¨ Flexible Hose Pipe.

¨ Filter Bag for Convey Receiver.

¨ Secondary Filter at Volume Source.

¨ Filter Bag for Secondary Filter.

¨ Variable Frequency AC Drive.

¨ Flame Proof Construction.

¨ Silicon Adaptor.

” PLC Control Panel

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