Product Description :  vacuum powder conveying feeder / vacuum powder transporting system

Main Application:   The vacuum conveyor is new product which is developed for Transfer of Powder & granular material. At present, it is the ideal feeding equipment which is used for transporting the powder material, granular material and powder & granular material or feeding the material directly into the mixer, blender, silo or any other machine. It highly reduces the man power and solves outflow of powder etc., It has “GMP” certificated which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, Bulk Drug, foodstuff industry.

Working principle and Features:

Working principle:

The vacuum conveyor is comprised of vacuum (no oil, no water), feeding tube, PE filter, vacuum hopper, automatic control device, pneumatic discharging device and compress air device, etc.

1. Automatic feeding, high-precision control, the whole process without dust flying, environmentally friendly also can reduce labour costs.

2. The conveying system is completely sealed for dust-free working condition; reduce cost also convenient to manage.

3. Adopt fully automatic control system, easy to operate.

4. Modular structure, easy to clean and dismantle.

5. Made of 304 Stainless Steel, prevent raw materials to be polluted.

6. Energy saving and low running cost.

7. Small and light, easy to install

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