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pneuCONVEYOR systems & engineers - committed to Quality & Performance <--------> pneuCONVEYOR - Manufacturer & Exporters of Vacuum Powder Transfer System / Tubular Chain Drag Conveyor / Screw Conveyor / Pneumatic Dense Phase & Dilute Phase Powder Transfer System / Sifters / Blenders / Mixers / Bag Slitting Machine / Drum Weighing & Filling Station / Batch Weighing systems / Jumbo Bag Loading & Unloading Station & other related machinery

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For  Powders / Granules / Blends / Crystals / Flakes and  a  wide  range  of  other  Materials.

Comply with USFDA, UKMCA & cGMP norms & mfd under International Code like ASME Section VIII/Div-I

GENERAL DESCRIPTION :-  ‘pneuCONVEYOR’ Flexible Screw Conveyor is designed to handle bulk dry powders & granular materials, also able to deliver bulk product at desired rate & elevation. Typical application for the ‘pneuCONVEYOR’ Flexible Screw Conveyor is to have the main drive motor hanging from the ceiling, locating the discharge point at a specific location & elevation. ‘pneuCONVEYOR’ Flexible Screw Conveyor can be set up to operate intermittently, running only when it receives a signal from the low level sensor controller in the receiving hopper. Once a signal is received it pulls the bulk product from the lower hopper at a designed rate of speed.

‘pneuCONVEYOR’ Flexible Screw Conveyor is design for easy removal of the screw. Remove the access doors from the discharge head & the main hopper. Remove two bolts from drive shaft & the screw will easily slide out the back of the main hopper & is also design so that different size screws can easily be changed out. By removing a few bolts, the flexible tube couplings can be changed out to different sizes. Capacity :- 50Kgs. to 3000Kgs. per batch.


                     *  Low Cost                                                               *  Low Maintenance                                                    *  Only one Moving Part

                     *  Easily Installed                                                     *  Easily Cleaned                                                          *  No Air & No Vacuum

                     *  No Internal Bearings                                            *  Rugged Construction                                             *  Quick Disassembly

                     *  Dust-Tight                                                              *  Flexible                                                                     *  Quiet


  • It is available in carbon steel with durable industrial coatings or in stainless steel with industrial or sanitary finish
  • F.D.A. / U.S.D.A. Approved abrasion resistant  U.H.M.W.  Polyethylene outer tubes
  • Heat Treated Spirals (Round/ Flat/ Knife) Heavy Duty Construction.


  • Material of Construction: SS316/ SS304/ Mild Steel
  • Size : Suitable for Loading, As per Standard.
  • Fixed Type OR Mobile Type (Movable).
  • Optional: Vibrator (Pneumatically OR Electrically) / Agitator / High Level—Low Level Sensor.


  • MOC: SS316/ SS304/ Mild Steel.
  • Mounting: Fitting on the Machine OR  Wall fitting.
  • Optional: Flameproof Construction.
  • Flameproof  Main Drive Electrical Motor.

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