Why pneuCONVEYOR’s–Tubular drag conveyor is the best among others

pneuCONVEYOR – tubular Drag Conveyor introduced to cater need for a conveyor that could effectively move material from one point to another when distance is through wall & not a clear, straight path.

Since then after, tubular drag conveyor has become the preferred material handling system for many manufacturers who process bulk materials in their operations. The machine is having various qualities such as dust tight operation, energy efficiency, gentle handling of material with minimum degradation. The machine is having special features such as it’s convey material around bends and across planes / walls etc.


All of the attractive features should make a tubular drag conveyor a no-brainer for every bulk material handling application, But We are not agree with ?  For starters, specific customers have specific conveying needs, and tubular drag conveyors don’t always fit to the end user specific requirement & powder characteristics. That’s why we also offer pneumatic powder conveying system, Flexible Screw Conveyor, Rigid Screw Conveyor etc.

Among all the above parameters, still one prevailing reason, why to choose a pneuCONVEYOR tubular drag conveyor & why it’s a last choice for mostly all end user.

The engineered chain drag conveyor’s price is the primary concern.

Our engineered chain drag conveyor are a premium solution for every bulk process manufacturer.

The engineered concept is simple, durable, easy to dismantle & reassemble. Still some manufacturers choose cable conveyor because of its affordability but unfortunately, the initial savings made by them disappear when the cost of inefficient energy usage, durability & downtime start adding up.

pneuCONVEYOR is offer engineered chain which is reliable, durable & suitable to any environments and situation where down time is very critical, since it takes no time to replace the defective parts in line if any. They also helps & more suitable to custom engineer of Tubular drag conveyor for long distance in length & height.

We often see that customers choose the cheaper way when equipping their facility with a tubular drag conveyor. This often occurs b’cos of limited budgets, short terms gain, may not find much options etc… However, it has been observed over a period of time that, a drag conveyor with an engineered chain is having lesser wear & tear, less maintenance headache compare to other conveyors & at last lower energy consumption.    

So, at last lowest cost of owning a drag conveyor is much more advisable than lowest initial cost of drag conveyor. pneuCONVEYOR’S  drag conveyor are the one & the best solution for all types of bulk handling, since it a competitive in price & reliable product among different types conveying systems.

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