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Semi Auto Drum Weighing & Filling system

A Drum filling system is a machine designed to accurately fill and weigh drums with a specific quantity of a product. These systems are commonly used in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, and food processing.

The operation of an semi automatic drum filling and weighing system typically involves the following steps:

  1. Drum placement: Empty drums are manually loaded & locked into the powder filling platform.

  2. Weighing: The weight of the drum is measured by a load cell or other weighing mechanism.

  3. Dispensing: The product is then dispensed into the drum through a powder feeder or auger. The filling process can be controlled by a computerized system, ensuring accurate and consistent filling.

4. Weighing verification: After the drum is filled, the weight is re-measured to ensure that the correct amount of product has been dispensed.

5.  Drum removal: Once the filling and weighing process is complete, the filled drum is automatically removed from the filling platform.

Automatic drum weighing and filling systems are highly customizable and can be designed to handle a wide range of products and drum sizes. These systems are also highly accurate and can be integrated with other systems to create a fully automated production line.

Overall, automatic drum weighing and filling systems offer numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, accuracy, and safety, making them a popular choice for industries that require precise and consistent filling of drums.


(All Contact parts – SS36 ; Rest – SS304 or cleaded with SS304)

 System Type :            pneuCONVEYOR Make GMP Model – Semi-Automatic Drum Filling & Weighing System.

Powder Feeder :         SS316L Powder Feeder, dual speed trolley mounted with 1HP, IE3 or IE4, FLP Geared Drive & B/Fly valve at discharged to be operated pneumatically, duly VFD control drive & proximity sensor signal for filling cycle.

 Weighing System :     Electrical Load Cell based electronic weighing system with Belt Roller platform having SS304 Top cover.


  • Load cell – For Weighing System – 2Nos. (STD make)
  • Load Cell Capacity – 100kgs. Each
  • Multi Channel Batching.
  • Various Operator interface operations.
  • Load Cell & mounting assemblies to meet tank profile.
  • Electronic indicator cum controller for ACCURATE FILLING
  • Flexi-weigh Weatherproof Indicator
  • Electronics –   Full Digital Calibration.

                               –   Auto Zero Tracking

  • Display –   6Digit, 7Segment, 12.5mm red LED Display
  • Output           –   RS232 Serial Communication Port

                                  –   3Nos. Potential Free Relay contacts

  • Enclosure      –   Weatherproof  IP-65
  • Mounting       –   Wall Mounting
  • Feeder Speed –   Dual speed with capacitive sensor.
  • Accuracy Relay unit –   2Set with signal port.     
  • Accuracy –   +/-  12-15gms.

Weighing Platform (Roller Type) – Electrically Operated


    –  Contact parts           : 2.0thk., SS304   

    –  Roller operation       : 0.5HP Crompton make IE3 or IE4,                                                                               FLP gear drive operated

    –  Roller Up/Down       : Pneumatically operated

    –  Seals & Gaskets      : PTFE

    –  Structure                  : Heavy duty Pipe Structure will be provided.  

    –  Finish                        : 180Grit Mirror Finish from inside & outside                                                                will be Matt Finish

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