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dense phase conveying system calculation
dense phase conveying system calculation

pneuCONVEYOR – Dense phase conveying System :  Dense phase conveying is a highly reliable pneumatic conveying system with a low velocity and a high product/air ratio, suitable to convey powders and granule. With Dense Phase Conveyors the product is introduced into the conveying line through a pressure vessel and is suitable to convey products from a single point to one or more receiving points.

The system has following features :

  • The material inlet valve provided with the system has a special inflatable rubber seal which is inflated with the help of air pressure on closure of the inlet valve, thus eliminating any chance of air leakage from the transporter top ensuring a 100% sealing at the vessel inlet.
  • In our standard equipments & design range bends provided are of converging – diverging type i.e. wherein bend area decreases (thus thickness increases) at the segment outlet, which keeps the material floating and unsettled, thus eliminating the chances of choking in the bend section.
  • The transporter is fitted with fluidizing nozzles, which produce a swirling air phenomenon, thus helping in prevention of bridging problem from fine power & adhering problem by hygroscopic elements.

Operating principle :  Dense phase pneumatic conveying pump also named conveying warehouse pump.

Sending system operating modes: materials in the storehouse are into storehouse pump under gravity, during this time, the discharge valve and the intake valve is closed while Pneumatic sealing valve, close calve and exhaust valve open, so ensure the material into the storehouse pump smoothly. Level indicator send electrical signals to PLC controller when the materials reach a certain position in pump, then PLC controller convert electrical signals into valve signal, at the same time, exhaust valve closed, sealing valve, closed valve, vent valve open, after the pressure in storehouse reach a certain extent, signal is sent to PLC controller by pressure transmitter, with that send to discharge valve after PLC convert it into electrical signals. Open the discharge valve, materials into pipe with low flow, high density by air flow. Period finished, pressure in storehouse pump and pipe drop to zero.

Our different modular families of Vacuum Conveyors for the Pharma, Chemical and Food-Industry allow customized modifications of all conveyors regarding the individual application. Even critical materials can be conveyed safely and adapted conveyors can be used for hazardous applications like inside explosion areas or with highly toxic materials. Most of our conveyors are used in applications with conveying capacities from 100kg/h upto 3t/h, where the conveying distance is up to 15m far and 10m high. Realized systems have up to 12 t/h capacity and work with conveying distances up to 80m far and 35m height.

Product Descriptions :

  • transport volume: 0.5m3 / 1m3 / 2m3.
  • Sealed pneumatic ash conveying system for dust collector, Save power, air drive.
  • Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying System/ Pneumatic Conveying System.
  • Selection and Application of Storehouse(cone)Pump// fluidizing transporter.

Structure : storehouse pump mainly consist of the pump top storehouse, pump body, feeding valve, unloader device, intake pipe road, automatic control system, the exhaust valve etc. Storehouse pump divided into the single storehouse pump and double storehouse pump, The former is intermittent transmission, another consist of two sets of pump body which can work by turns, in order to achieve continuous delivery of materials.


  • Storehouse pump style pump with a long transmission distance, flexible piping, saving equipment investment, etc., can be horizontal transport and vertical transmission, transmission distance can reach 200M – 500M.
  • Storehouse pump has a good capacity of conveying, the output of desktop can be up to 50 cubic meters with low energy consumption and low noise
  • With high degree of automation control system which can automatically feeding ,conveying, measure, countting, display, alarm, easy to operate, piping flexibility, small footprint.
  • Gas control system. The gas resource of warehouse pump is the recycling waste gas from steel plant.
  • Good sealing. Material run in a closed pipe, no dust, environment protect. Reliable operation, less wearing parts, easy to maintenance, long life span of 3~5 years.
  • Specification: 0.5m3 1m3 2m3

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