pneuCONVEYOR – dense phase conveying

dense phase conveying

Dense Phase Pressure Conveying Systems are particularly suitable for systems, which convey materials at high capacities over long distances, to multiple destinations. Most systems include several air control valves and the high-pressure compressed air supply is able to overcome the pressure drop generated by the most difficult materials, while also providing controlled conveying for friable materials. The lower convey velocities also extend the service life for systems conveying abrasive materials.

Convey Rates:

High, up to 100 tonnes/hr or higher

Convey Velocities:    Low, 1-10 m/s

Convey Distances:    High, up to 500m or longer

Air Mover:                  Compressor (Screw, rotary, reciprocating)

Operating Pressure:  Up to 8 Bar g

Material/Air Ratios:  high, up to 150 kg/kg

Note All values approximate, refer pneuconveyor for advice about how to convey your product.

To optimize the system various techniques are used to reduce compressed air consumption and cost, and additional options for specialized applications are available:

– Air injectors to fluidize materials to reduce friction
– Pulsed air injection to break up the product flow into discrete slugs
– Line Boosters to assist conveying along convey route
– Vibration to loosen cohesive powders prior to conveying
– Twin vessels to provide continuous conveying
– In-Line sifting, sampling, de-lumping, metal detection, and magnetic separation systems
– Stepped convey lines to reduce terminal velocities, abrasion, and degradation
– Stainless Steel construction for sanitation or corrosion resistance

Pressure vessels are utilized within dense phase conveying systems to introduce the bulk solids into the pipeline. Contrary to when using rotary valves, the system has no leakage and is absolutely dust-tight.

This allows a high-pressure range from 1 bar up to 6 bar, or more. The high loading and low velocity lead to gentle conveying and to low wear of both pipeline and receiver.

With dense phase conveying systems, the transport of bulk solids is possible from short distances right up to long distances of several hundred meters.


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