Product Profile:  pneuCONVEYOR – Rotary sieving machine (watch video) is designed to handle a wide variety of food, chemical, and mineral products. Rotary sifters are primarily used to separate oversize, lumps, and /or foreign objects from the main product stream.

The product is uniformly fed into the stationary horizontal cylindrical sieve by means of a short infeed screw. Once the product enters the screening area rotating paddles centrifugally force the fine material against and through the screen. Soft agglomerates are broken up by the paddle action, whilst any oversize particles or foreign object pass out the end of the screen into a waste collection bin or back into the system for re-processing. Adjustable weirs control the flow of oversize and retention time in the sifter.

Typical advantages of Rotary Sieving machine :

  • Ultra high throughput per square foot of cloth area
  • Three-bearing shaft support, drilled for air purge
  • Fully adjustable 4-paddle rotor
  • The removable tool-less light-weight rotor assembly
  • Dust-free, sanitary operation
  • Approved design for use by USDA, FDA.


  • Totally enclosed pneuCONVEYOR® – Rotary Sieving machine eliminates dust problems.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Tool-less screen change
  • Easy access to all internal working parts

Technical specifications :

Rotary Sieving machine is a non-vibrating screening machine. It is available in different capacities. Material is fed via screw feeder impeller rotating between 600 to 2800rpm, between stationary screen baskets having a screen fitted very tightly. The impeller and basket are fitted horizontally in a closed dustproof body. From the top material is fed from the bottom the fine and coarse powders are collected. The separation of powder is affected by the air turbulence created by the impeller, which pushes out finer powder through the screen aperture. Oversize is rejected from the front. Excellent for separation of fine, free flow, nonabrasive powders from 60 to 300 mesh.

Capacity: pharma/food/chemical powders 60 mesh 1000 kgs/hr. 200 mesh 500 kgs/hr;

Power: 1 to 5 HP

Rotary sieving machines offer high-efficiency separation and high throughputs. Easy to clean designs are available with quick-release disassembly without tools. A range of screen sizes are available and may also be quickly and easily removed, cleaned, and replaced.

pneuCONVEYOR – rotary sieving machine offers more throughput capacity per screen area than any conventional screening equipment. Our maintenance-friendly design allows large, quick-opening access doors to be easily installed that ensure access to the sieve chamber and all internal working parts. Virtually no tools are required for screen frame assembly changes and changing or replacing these screens takes only minutes.