Worth to buy tubular chain drag conveyor

The decision to buy a tubular chain drag conveyor depends on several factors, including the specific application, the materials being transported, and the budget.

Tubular chain drag conveyors are generally used for transporting delicate or fragile materials that require gentle handling. They can also be used for materials that are abrasive, hot, or have a tendency to stick to other types of conveyors. The enclosed design of a tubular chain drag conveyor helps prevent contamination and dusting of the material being transported.

However, tubular chain drag conveyors can be more expensive than other types of conveyors, and they require more maintenance. They also have a limited throughput capacity and may not be suitable for large volumes of materials.

Ultimately, whether or not a tubular chain drag conveyor is worth buying depends on whether it is the best solution for the specific application and whether it fits within the budget. It may be helpful to consult with a conveyor expert to determine the best type of conveyor for your needs.

Whether or not it is worth it to buy a tubular chain drag conveyor depends on your specific needs and requirements.

Tubular chain drag conveyors are typically used for the gentle conveying of bulk solids and powders in a fully enclosed, dust-free environment. They can be an effective solution for handling fragile materials, materials that are prone to degradation or contamination, and materials that need to be kept separate from the environment.

Some potential benefits of tubular chain drag conveyors include:

  • Minimal product degradation or breakage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Ability to handle a wide range of materials
  • Fully enclosed system, which can reduce the risk of contamination or exposure to the environment

However, tubular chain drag conveyors can also be relatively expensive compared to other types of conveying systems. They also typically require more space for installation than other systems.

Therefore, if your application requires a system that can handle delicate materials, minimize degradation or contamination, and operate quietly and efficiently, a tubular chain drag conveyor may be a good investment. However, if your needs are different, other types of conveyors may be a better fit for your application.


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