Tubular drag chain conveyor design – Drag chain Conveyors are used to move powders, granules, and other bulk materials through a system while minimizing product degradation and protecting against contamination. The design of the conveyor typically consists of the following components:

tubular chain drag conveyor design

  1. Tubing: The tubing is typically made of steel, stainless steel, or plastic and forms the outer casing of the conveyor. It provides a sealed environment for the material being transported and protects it from external contaminants.
  2. Drag chain: The drag chain is a series of metal or plastic discs connected by chains that move through the tubing. It pulls the material through the system and is designed to minimize product damage.
  3. Drive system: The drive system consists of an electric motor, gearbox, and drive sprocket that powers the drag chain. The motor speed can be adjusted to control the speed of the conveyor.
  4. Inlet and outlet: The inlet and outlet are the points where material enters and exits the conveyor. They are typically fitted with valves or gates to control the flow of material.
  5. Cleaning system: The cleaning system is used to remove any material that has adhered to the inside of the tubing. This is typically accomplished with a series of brushes or air jets that clean the tubing as the conveyor operates.

Tubular drag chain conveyor design – When designing a tubular drag chain conveyor, several factors should be considered, including the type of material being transported, the desired throughput rate, and the distance the material needs to be transported. Additionally, the conveyor’s layout and configuration should be optimized to minimize the amount of bends and turns in the tubing, which can increase the risk of material buildup and reduce the efficiency of the system. Finally, the material of construction should be carefully selected based on the requirements of the application, such as the need for food-grade or sanitary construction in certain industries.


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